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 Name: Lifter
 Dimension: 1300×170×60 mm
 Fixed large baseplate: 400×350×30mm
 Lifting Range: Min 700mm, Max 1200mm
 Suitable to mark on-the-fly, pipeline marking, semiconductor, CO2 laser fixed, the holder
     bearing weight is 40kg. The design is with flexibe structure, easy to move, stable and

 Name: Lifter
 Dimension: 680×120mm
 Fixed large baseplate: Min 60mm, Max 550mm
 The lifting table is easy to adjust the deviatation accurately with the ruler scale.The size
    and model of the baseplate can be tailor-made for our customers.

 Name: Lifter
 Dimension: 210×150mm
 Fixed large baseplate: Min 84mm, Max 209mm
 Suitable for small size laser,flexible, light and easy to move.