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  NMC-S Laser Controller
   NMC-S Embedded
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  Laser Accesories
   CO2 Laser
   End-pump Laser
   Lifting Table
   Rotary axis and encoder
  KINGYU Laser Controller
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Suitable for laboratory, industrial and other applications

KINGYU laser controller achieves a variety of laser control mode, the user can customize the control mode according to their needs. Optional: CO2 laser controller, YAG laser controller, FIBER laser controller.

 Most diversified control mode ( Direct control, RS-232, TCP/IP, The script, The I/O )
 Help engineers easily control of the laser in all aspects

 The laser output can be controller by system buttons and pedal directly with preset laser power, frequency,lighting
    time and pulse numbers

 The Script: The laser can be controller by buttons or external signal ( such as a pedal ) based on user-defined scripts.
 I/O Control: I/O pin level trigger control.
 RS-232: RS-232 serial communication control
 TCP/IP: TCP/IP network communication control