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   Rotary axis and encoder
  KINGYU Laser Controller

Have high speed and accuracy, compact and tight structure, dust- proof interference-proof, easy to install, effective heat-sinking system etc.features.Widely used in Marking, Welding, Cutting, Drilling, Science and research.

 Aperture  20 mm
 Beam Displacement  20 mm
 Nonlinearity  <0.5%
 Typical Scan Angle  ±22.5°
 Typical Mark Speed  1.8 m/s
 Typical Jump Speed  3.5 m/s
 Positioning Speed  5 m/s
 Typical Writing Speed  350 cps
 Step Response(1% full scale)  0.75 ms
 Step Response(10% full scale)  1.2 ms
 Repeatability  <24 urad
 Zero point drift  <60 urad/K
 Analog input resistance  100±1%κΩ
 Position output resistance  1.0±1%κΩ
 Digital Communication  Standard XY2-100
 Operating temperature  25℃±10℃
 Power  ±24V DC
 Dimension ( LWH )  170 x 133 x 127mm
 Weight  2.62kg
 Wavelength  CO2(10640nm)、YAG(1064nm)、532nm、355nm