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Nowadays, most use ink jet to print on cable and wire. The disadvantages using ink-jet are : (1) Ink contents are easily faded and worn out. (2) High operating cost causes from large ink consumption. (3) The ink-jet nozzle easily been clogged. (4) Serious pollution for work environment.
In recent years, laser marking technologies have been extended to various areas for huge variety of applications. Of course, laser marking technology for cable and wire marking is constantly developed.

NMC-S dedicated laser cable marking control system, can edit current files and other files during on-the-fly marking process.

Serial No. Reset
 Click this button during marking process, the serial number and meter counter value can be reset.

Rapidly replace scheduled files
 Scheduled files can be rapidly imported, replaced and re-ordered during on-the-fly marking process.

Online edit function
 Support marking content editing function without interrupting on-the-fly marking process.

Accurate meter counter (Error <0.1mm)
 The meter counter value can be adjusted to meet actual length of cable without interrupting marking process to
    solve inaccurate marking distance issue.

Accurate and Stable
 Physical hi-speed DSP chip, allowing positioning calculation in 1us and galvanometer positioning in 10us, ensuring
    no miss marking or marking distortion

 Under on-the-fly marking external trigger circumstance, support intelligent miss marking alarm.
 Using linux kernel, the customized operating system is much cleaner and safer.
 The whole power consumption does not exceed 20 watts, ensuring exceptional stable performance in 24/7.

Fast and Efficient
 Automatically determine the most efficient marking sequence, while using same laser and scan head, NMC-S
    cable marking system will cost less marking time and speed up the line speed, which produces more work pieces.

 Support double buffering technology, results in higher line speed and zero miss marking.
 Boot automatically into ready marking state

 WYSIWYG visual preview function, handheld touch panel without PC, can totally satisfy 99% of on-the-fly marking

 Smart pipeline setting wizard, effectively convenient for installing setting on pipeline.
 One-click to software updates, backups, making the system easier to maintain.
 Multiple password protection levels to avoid misoperation.
 Support font edit function, can design and create unique customized fonts
 Support on-the-fly marking speed prediction. If the actual production line is too fast to mark, NMC-S will send an

Professional on-the-fly marking
 There are 16 external trigger memories to eliminate problem of miss marking and improve marking efficiency.
 Advanced control functions prevent intersections from excessively deep marking, eliminating the tendency of
    overlapping lines.

 Support continuous pattern marking(editing can up to 16 meters, which can easily control space between marking

 Support multi-layers continuous marking with proper spacing.
 Support 4 kinds of marking fonts: dot matrix, single line, true type and built-in nmf font.
 Support start marking with external sense device, stop marking without external sense device.
 Block false trigger signal to avoid marking by mistake.
 Support variable text (serial number, date, time, shift, random numbers, TXT), vector graphics (dxf, plt, dot), 1D/2D bar
    codes (also can apply to variable text).

 Support multi-channel conditional marking up to 65536 states.
 RS232 and Ethernet TCP/IP communication, while can also alarm miss marking.