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NFB-20W Laser Coder



NFB-20W equips with branded fiber laser, smaller beam spot and more focused energy, can handle a variety of materials and complex coding needs. Power consumption of whole system is lower than 250W, which is only one tenth of the conventional one. The laser machine’s average life expectancy is 25,000 hours, zero maintenance, buy and use, no other consumables like water tank or laser tube. High power laser, satisfy hi-speed on-the-fly marking.

 Excellent beam quality, stable laser output, easier to adjust the marking effect
 Relatively small beam spot gives slim marking lines, which is suitable for marking precise graphics
 With smaller width, less thermal effect.
 Won’t cause any burning phenomenon, distinct and artistic marking
 Physical hi-speed DSP chip, allowing positioning calculation in 1us and galvanometer positioning in 10us, ensuring no
    miss marking or marking distortion

 Font edit function, can design and create unique customized fonts.
 Support file types txt、dxf、plt、dot imported
 Smart pipeline setting wizard, efficient and convenient, dramatically saving the training cost
 Support file types txt、dxf、plt、dot imported
 There are 16 external trigger memories to eliminate problem of miss marking and improve marking efficiency
 On-line text edit function to edit text during hi-speed on-the-fly operation without interrupting conveyer

Applicable Materials
Suitable for all kinds of metals and nonmetals Including:nylon, ABS, PVC, PES, iron, steel, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, titanium, copper, gold, silver, electroplating materials, coating materials, plastics, rubber, epoxy resin and many other materials

Application Industrials
Suitable for all kinds of high precision marking and engraving. Widely used in cables and pipes, digital products, precision machinery, jewelries and accessories, sanitary ware, measuring and cutting tools, eyeglasses and watches, plastic buttons, integrated circuit, hardware tools, mobile communications, auto parts, pharmaceutical equipments, construction materials and many other industrials


 Item  NFB-20W
 Laser Power  20W
 Wavelength  1064±4nm
 Line Speed  600~1000 characters/sec
 Marking Features  Min.Line Width:0.01mm
 Character Size: 0.3mm ~ Max.Marking Area
 Marking Area: 110×110mm, Optional is 70×70mm; 140×140mm; 200×200mm
 Marking Fonts: TrueType; Single Line; Dot Matrix
 Languages: Simplified Chinese; Traditional Chinese; English; Japanese;
 Operations  10.2" WYSTWYG color touch screen
 Upload and sownload of information via USB Flash Drive
 Remote control
 Laser Unit  562.5×130×137mm
 Power Supply Unit  480×374×218mm
 Weight  Approx.31kg
 Power Consumption  ≤250W
 Power Supply  220V 50HZ~60HZ
 Working Temperature  0℃~40℃
 Cable Length  2.5m
 Optional  Encoder
 Photelectric Switch
 Lifting Table ( Lifting Range: 60~550mm )
 Software Version  Accurate meter counter
A separate meter counter hardware, equipped with 3600 pulses/ revolution encoder.
The meter counter value can be adjusted to meet actual cable length without interrupting conveyer line, the counting error is less than 1mm.
 Specialized version for cables and pipes
Scheduled files can be rapidly swapped and re-ordered during on-the-fly marking process.
The meter counter value can be adjusted to meet actual cable length without interrupting conveyer line, to resolve inaccurate marking distance issue.
Click the reset button during marking process, the serial number and meter counter value can be reset.
Marking files can be forcibly swapped during marking process.