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UMC4 laser marking board( USB ) 型录下载 驱动下载 手册下载 教学操作
Marking Software:
1、MarkingMate Software

UMC4 have broken through the traditional concept,provided PLC connection interface for Human-Machine Interface usage.By using Human-Machine Interface could eadily accomplish control customization.Just need to connect UMC4 with Human-Machine Interface by RS-232 cable,and connect the UMC4 to laser,then user could start marking task from Human-Machine Interface.
UMC4 is a high performance USB interface card designed for Laser Marking System.It is your best choice in laser marking application.For the stand-alone marking function,it could storage up to 16 files.Besides,user could choose between those files through I/O signal.Also support PLC human-machineinterface for user to easily perform laser marking task.UMC4 is your best choice for your laser marking system.

 Dimension: 120x117mm,Power consumption:5V 3A
 Built-in DSP,marking computing do not occupy computer CPU time
 Provide one XY2-100 digital output signal within 10MHZ refreshing rate
 FPK,PPK,R05 first pulse suppression mode
 12 bits analog control signal x 2
 PWM maximum output frequency is 12MHZ,minimun pulse width is 0.08μs
 Support stand-alone marking.Capable storage up to 16 files,which each of them contains up to
     8 sets of auto-text and 8 types of font

 One Rs232 serial port for human-machine interface communication(Mitsubishi FX2)
 Support one encoder input for mark-on-fly application
 Support one pulse/direction signal output,The maximum output frequency is 2MHZ
 16 digital outputs for specific laser control
 Support Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

OPTION Features and views of daughter boards

    support to connect with SPI G3/G4 laser

    support to connect with IPG D/D1 laser

    support to connect with SPI G3/G4 laser,3 pulse/direction signal,3 encoder input(include index
    input).3±Limit,Home,InPositionsignal,and 16 I/O
    support to connect with IPG D/D1 laser,3 pulse/direction signal,3 encoder input(include index
    input),3±Limit,Home,InPositionsignal,and 16 I/O

 Capable to mark auto text content at stand-alone mode

 Capable to connect with Human-machine Interface.And easily connected to customized console supported by
    human-machine interface

 Capable storage up to 16 files in SD card

 Filexible to connect with PC as general laser marking controller

 Compatible to USB port(Ver 1.1 or later).Capable connect to such as PC,tablet,notebook,workstation or industrial