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PMC2 laser marking board(PCI ) 型录下载 驱动下载 手册下载 教学操作
Marking software:
1、MarkingMate Software

PMC2 is a full digital high performance laser marking board with PCI interface . Support digital galvanometer, compatible with the XY2-100 protocol, and analog galvanometer can be precisely controlled by DA-2 board as well. Retain the most IO signals to have the flexibility to connect with automation equipment sufficiently and certain laser requires additional control pins..It can control four-axis positions simultaneously,which is suitable for integrated stepper motor drive. Compatible with PCMark laser card pin position and provide various expansion cards to facilitate various wiring requirements . PMC2 function is outstanding to be the best choice of laser marking .

 Dimension: 160x102mm
 Processing chip :DSP(FPGA) processor chip
 Support digital galvanometer and compliant with XY2-100 protocol
 Reposition frequency: the scan head position update in 100K.sec with 16bits positioning resolution
 The first pulse suppression for FPK,PPK and R05
 12 bits analog control signal x 2
 Support 3-axes encoder input, 3 channel for XYZ signals
 The maximum output frequency of PWM is 12.5MHz, the minimum pulse width is 0.08us
 Support 4-axies pulse/direction digital control signal output, maximum frequency is 5MHz
 General 16 digital outputs and 16 inputs
 16 digital outputs for specific laser control
 Compatible with PCMark pin allocation
 Max. 4 cards in one PC

DA-2( Digital to analog converter )
 Dimension: 110 x 120mm
 Support any of XY2-100 digit to analog conversion

 PMC2 adopts DSP (FPGA) chip for real-time processing laser marking instruction to meet the dynamic variable speed
    mark on the fly requirement, and simulated uniform speed mark on the fly to solve missing mark, intermittent mark,
    and poor quality of marking caused by PC to ensure the quality of the marking.

 PMC2 provide automation control interface, can be automated conditional marking, flow marking and can control the
     XY table, the rotary axis; With Markingmate software, can perform rotary axis marking, XY-Table control marking,
    large drawing automatic segmentation of marking in laser automation control marking field.

 PMC2 has a four-axis control function, can control the lens for multidimensional marking. With MarkingMate software,
    can be widely used in the three-dimensional marking (need the galvanometer support).