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MC3 laser marking board(USB ) 型录下载 驱动下载 手册下载 教学操作
Marking software:
1、NetMark Software
2、MarkingMate Software

Advanced Laser Marking Controller MC3 laser marking control card is with USB interface, physical DSP processor and developed with dual-cache architecture. The powerful features are widely used in dynamic mark on the fly, rotary axis mark and flow operations, support digital / analog galvanometer control and XY Table control. Its strong performance is suitable for high-end laser marking and development.

 Support Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8
 Support any PC with USB port, like desktop PC, notebook and industrial PC
 Control galvanometer and laser in real time and won’t occupy CPU time so computer can perform other tasks during

 Complete calculation in 1 us; 10 us reposition; 16 bits positioning resolution
 Support 3 groups of laser control signal and 2 sets 12 bits analog output signal
 Support Start Mark, Stop Mark, Mark in progress signals
 Support 16 ch. TTL inputs/outputs
 Support 812,000 sets of Scan line command, off-line marking is possible
 Support XY2-100 protocol
 Support photoelectric and pedal switches
 Support X-Y encoder

DA-2( Digital to analog converter )
 Dimension: 70mmx58mm
 Only support MC1/MC3 proprietary protocol

 High speed on the fly mark, laser printing field
 Laser automation field
 High precise cutting, marking field
 Support offline marking, wide range marking
 Support 4-axes control function
 Laser marking software developm