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502D laser marking board( PCI ) 型录下载 手册下载 教学操作
Marking Software
1、MarkingMate Software

502D board is specifically used for laser marking. Using PCI bus, the marking is fast and stable. With MarkingMate software, it can achieve a variety of combinations. Support the control of lamp pumped , semiconductor ( end-pumped and side-pumped ) , and CO2 laser marking system. It supports Digital galvanometer and supports most of engraving applications as well, like static marking on flat, small spherical surface or small camber surface with complex graph. Some reserved I/O pins could connect with rotary axis device to perform rotary axis marking. 502D is a truly good C/P value card for general laser marking application.

 Dimension: 119.9 x 91.0mm
 Support Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
 Default possesses one set of XY2-100 digital galvanometer signal
 Optional16 switching outputs (TTL level, DO8 to DO23 with photo coupling isolation) , they can connect with input
    signals of pedal switch and other auxiliary equipments
(Only 502D + board has this function)
 Default has 24 switching outputs, can control auxiliary equipments of laser marking control system, like laser power,
     acousto-optic power, rotary axis, XY table, solenoid valve etc

 OptionalThere are another optional 8 switching outputs (TTL level, DO16 to DO23 have photo coupling isolation) , they
     can connect with input signals of pedal switch and other auxiliary equipments
(Only 502P + board has this function)
 Default has 8 channels switching inputs (TTL level, DI0 to DI7 with photo coupling isolation), they can connect with
    input signals of pedal switch and other auxiliary equipments

 Default has 1 PWM signal, the frequency and duty ratio can be set by software, used for acousto-optic modulation and
    CO2 laser control

 Default has 1 32-bit hardware timer, can be worked with software to perform mark on the fly
 Default possesses one IPG dedicated port

Note: This card with MarkingMate software can achieve variety of combinations, like lamp-pumped, DPSS side-pumped,
         end-pumped and CO2 laser marking system etc

Warning: 502D doesn’t support hot-plug, or the board will be burnt out

Static Marking
 502D could support complex graph editing and import with MarkingMate software to fulfill general laser marking  requirement. The excellent C/P value of 502D approaches customers.

Non-flat surface marking (Small spherical surface, camber surface marking)
 502D with MarkingMate makes static marking on small spherical and camber surface without deformation through  marking compensation to ensure marking quality. The application of this function without any other hardware to make  small spherical surface, camber surface marking possible and easy

Rotary axis control and marking
 502D has many TTL signal I/O ports which supports the pulse and direction signals of rotary axis device to perform  complex rotational marking with MarkingMate, especially for cylinder and disk marking

Automation marking
 502D supports conditional and procedural marking with automation control signal ports which support input and output  signals of marking to fulfill the need of automation