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 Support & Service

  Support & Service
    CO2 Laser Marking Machine
    End-pumped Laser Marking          Machine
    Fiber Laser Marking Machine
    NMC-S Laser Controller
    QMark Software
    MC3 Marking Board
    PMC2 Marking Board
    UMC4 Marking Board
    502D Marking Board
    502P Marking Board
    High-speed Laser Scan Head
    KINGYU Laser Controller

The company has a all-sided quality assurance system and efficient service system, providing comprehensive solutions for laser marking and associated control areas, to help its customers work and succeed together!

Product consulting, product installation, hardware warranty and software upgrades, remote technical support services and many other related services, please call 886-0512-66359058

  All our products provide lifelong consulting service, customers can consult by phone, fax, mail etc
  For the related equipment with specialized technical support technician, you can contact technician directly
  we promise to respond within two hours to customers (telephone, mail etc.) after getting problems
  If failed to deal with the problem by phone or e-mail, we will send technician directly, in order to check and
     troubleshoot the machine back to normal in time
  We give the commitment that monthly phone interviews to our customers are needed

As your equipment ages, the risk of production stoppages and downtime increases. By partnering with us, your equipment will function properly and you will extend its life time. Downtime risks are thus considerably diminished guaranteeing printer availability, code quality, securing your investment and expenses while choosing the level of protection you need and want.